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The 2021 holiday season is here, and for most of us it will illuminate the subtle and not so subtle changes we have set into motion both externally and internally this past year.

Certainly, almost all of us can say our lives look somewhat different, our priorities have shifted, and our wardrobes and diets definitely have had makeovers. The cocktail dress and the suit have moved to the back of the closet, and the yoga pants, running shoes, windbreaker and leggings to the front. We have visited more home furnishing websites, contemplated subtle and not so subtle home improvements or sales. We have many more furry friends at home and whom we can visit.

A pandemic has allowed many of us to make changes in our behavior we thought impossible to achieve. Asking for help is often one of them. There are those who have moved, or found another place to live, when two years ago they could not have imagined leaving the lifestyle they were so comfortable with and rooted in. And, as unthinkable as it may seem, individuals of all ages and occupations are leaving their jobs and working to fill that space with more rewarding endeavors that may also be more lucrative or creative. As the unknown and the less predictable have become more attractive, nowhere is this more apparent than in the recent surge in the desire to find love, romance and companionship. While this was once a very private part of their lives, many are now proudly and publicly discussing it. For those who are high achievers, academics, philanthropists and leaders in the public and private sector, admitting this truth has become life-changing.

Previously, women in their 40’s to 60’s felt most comfortable asking for assistance in this area and reached out the most for help. Now many more men in their 40’s to 60’s and men and women 65 to their 80’s are doing this.

No one feels embarrassed or hesitant to jump in their car and use their GPS to get to where they are going, using the GPS for the best, safest and most reliable route. That is the same principle when it comes to choosing a dating coach, matchmaker or personal search consultant. Just as how we manage our time has become even more precious, being selective about whom we choose to meet has been bumped up to priority status. It is now a delight to walk into a department store and see the lavish selection of gifts in anticipation of a stellar holiday season. So, it is with romance and love: It is OK, even wonderful, to set expectations that are high, because with a little bit of help and support, anyone at any age can find great company and joy. You are all wished this gift this holiday season.

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