Our Process

Your Inquiry

When you reach out to our team your inquiry is appreciated and respected. Most singles are often embarking upon a new chapter of their
personal life. Reaching out to ask for help and support to be more strategic and effective can often be a “life empowering move.” Most of our applicants do not want to waste time on bad dates and dead ends. We do all the work and you benefit and have a wonderful time. The first step is to arrange a brief introductory phone visit with a member of our executive team. After the initial phone call and when there is mutual interest, we move you to the next step.

The Consultation Begins

We find out more about you through a well thought out profile form and fun consultation with Sandy and a member of her executive team. This can be done in-person or remotely. Usually, we know if we will be working together by the end of the consultation. It’s a mutual no pressure and if asked, we happily provide references.

We spend much time finding out about you and you learn all about us, how we work, what you can expect. Matchmaking programs are delineated and explained, fee structures, photography, program lengths. It is usually in this phase that the personal search and matchmaking program that best suits your requirements is selected. Please see the program options below.

Our Search Programs

Bespoke, Highly Prized and Effective Concierge Level-Matchmaking

The Right Time programs are designed with the specific needs and requirements outlined and identified in the initial consultation we have with each Candidate.

Programs usually range anywhere from 6 to 18 months and include as many services and program features and options as necessary to get the job done.

They include but not limited to:

Once your curated search has been selected by you and our team, we schedule and arrange your photo session with our lead photographer in his studio or a satellite studio and photographer outside the metropolitan area. Our team will also create a “winning” written profile that combined with your photos will be used to represent you throughout our search.

Your Curated Search Begins

Now that your profile and photos have been prepared and your dating criteria and objectives built into the program, your introductions begin. This process is carefully monitored so that each introduction helps to move our client to his or her objective outcome which is someone who meets their criteria and with whom they have great chemistry and compatibility. Those along the way often become friends. 

Each search is unique, some require a little coaching, some arrange to work with our team to further clarify and refine the search. We provide confidential feedback after each date, we help arrange the dates venue all for you…always. We keep you on track and offer support whenever you request it.

Finding The ONE

Click below and you will be taken to our form where we can learn more about you. We can see if there is a fit to be one of our special private clients. You may be also choose to be In our complimentary confidential registry to be matched with our clients. Once you completed the form a member of our team will reach out to you.