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Our Company Culture:
Who We Are &
Who We Work With

“We are selective, private, proactive and value driven.”

“Selective, private, proactive and
value driven.”

Our clients are highly educated and accomplished individuals who identify themselves as successful and proactive in almost every area of their lives. Whether single, widowed or divorced and after some excellent self reflection they are choosing to work more effectively and deliberately to realize their own highly prized personal relationship goal.

The roster of our current clients include those with Ivy League and advanced degrees, many are industry leaders in their respective fields. A significant percentage tend to be: high-net-worth, distinguished academics, entrepreneurs, authors, community leaders, and just plain, wonderful people making their own contributions to their communities, families and friends.
In most recent years our demographics have continued to evolve to include a very international crowd either born and raised outside the US or individuals who are living here with international educations or residences abroad. The incredible diversity of impressive backgrounds create a common thread of striving for excellence in almost everything they set out to do!

Being “our client” means you will have the opportunity to meet other outstanding individuals with whom you might never meet in any other way in your life regardless of how successful or active you are. We have found that as individuals evolve so does the need for confidentiality and prioritizing how they manage their time in their search for a romantic, loving, partner. Each client is treated by the Right Time staff and their “introductions” with respect, dignity and privacy.

Meet our team

Sandy Sternbach

CEO, Founder &
Lead Matchmaker

Douglas Gorenstein

New York Lead Photographer &

Candee Caldwell

Lead Makeup Artist
& Image Consultant

Sandy Sternbach

A native New Yorker with a well-developed East Coast-West Coast mentality, Sandy is considered one of the most experienced matchmakers working with educated, often advanced degree or Ivy, accomplished men and women.

Sandy earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from New York University, and her master’s in art therapy from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. She continued her professional studies in the graduate program at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California on full scholarship. Sandy is a graduate of the Matchmaking Institute in New York, and she continues to grow and support her professional network by attending and participating in conferences, seminars and workshops across the country.

Finding a life partner and living with great joy and adventure is at the top of her client’s list of wishes and aspirations. The Right Time clients know that their introductions are carefully thought-out to align with their values, lifestyle and relationship goals.

When you work with Sandy and her very talented team, you are tapping into experience and the mentoring they have received and continue to receive from world class scholars and industry professionals.

The Right Time Consultants continues to build on its success: with a strong percent of new business originating from referrals from current and former satisfied clients. Sandy has been featured in publications such as the Boston Globe, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Alumni Magazine among others and has worked with and successfully matched Nobel Laureates, scientists, physicians, media executives and other accomplished individuals from industry and academia.

Douglas Gorenstein

Doug brings years of expertise and experience to our team. His professionalism, enthusiasm and people skills help us to provide the concierge level of service our prospective clients expect and value right from the beginning of their program with us.

Prior to joining The Right Time Consultants, he served as the photographer for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and other high-profile television shows. His work has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, and The New York Times.

As a master of headshot and portrait photography, Doug has worked as The Right Time Consultants’ Lead Photographer for many years allowing our clients to begin their program and important life work by putting their best self forward!

Candee Caldwell

Candee is an award winning makeup artist and image consultant. She brings years of experience from her corporate work in print and various media to help our clients look their best for their photo sessions and for their dates.

Candee has quite simply mastered the art of helping someone shine, feel fresh, natural and up-to-date. Her vivacious personality and talented skills make her an outstanding asset on our team.
On location or in the studio, Candee will stay with you for the entire photo session, helping to style and work with the photographer to capture looks that will work well for you.

She is often requested to continue this effort in private wardrobe consults and personal shopping excursions, make-up lessons, etc. These are just part of the concierge services we offer to our private search clients.