For Late Bloomers And Post-Pandemic Bloomers

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As we zoom forward into “2022” and “2023” appears clearly on the horizon, there is no doubt that “the eye on the ball” has shifted from financial and real estate portfolios, professional accomplishments, planned trips near and abroad, to one’s personal happiness and well-being, and happiness of our family members, friends and in the spiritual, deeper sense “Our Neighbors”.

For late bloomers and post-pandemic boomers the goal is love and sculpting a life coveted and considered after two years of restrictions, sacrifice, and self-reflection.

For late bloomers, loosely referred to as those highly accomplished professionals in their thirties and forties who have deferred their personal life for career— the pandemic has fostered a reasonable conclusion that “A life not trying for more” is a life incomplete.

The single apps and dating agencies are now packed with those who want to reach out and move this part of their life forward. For matchmakers, a single person’s desire to be more strategic in their search no matter what “their age” has resulted in high demand for carefully curated programs and additional services to offer their clients.

And, for the boomers, who have been content with their culturally and materially rich and vibrant lives, they are now seeking to complete the circle by including a significant other, a love interest, a best friend into their life curriculum. “Someone with whom they cannot live without.”

The last two years have encouraged us all to ask ourselves: “Am I satisfied with my performance in my life? Have I spent my time wisely and how shall I improve my “game” my time, the time I have to share with those that matter?”

Almost everyone is on board to move their live forward and the lives of those they care deeply about. I have experienced more and more parents and friends reaching out to help the ones they love make 2022 a game changer.

Think Sidney Poitier, Betty White, Cokie Roberts and Bob Saget, Ruth Bader Ginsburg— loved and respected personally and admired in their professional roles where they seemed to shine while incandescently bringing out the best in us.

You don’t have to be perfect to find love, none of us are, but on this day and every day thereafter we can commit to opening our heart and soul up a little bit more. It’s not about the fancy restaurant, the club, how old or how young you are, your net worth or your pedigree. We don’t come with an expiration date or a shelf-life to qualify to be adored. Good company and adventure are right here waiting for each of us if we decide to reach out for it.

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